İspanya’da Ekoköy’de Gönüllülük

İspanya’da Ekoköy’de Gönüllülük

European Solidarity Corps projesi kapsamında İspanya’daki bir ekoköy’de çalışacak gönüllü arıyoruz.

Doğayla barışık, sürdürülebilir bir yaşamı deneyimleme fırsatı veren bir yıllık projenin Kasım’ın son haftasında başlaması planlanıyor. Projede yer almak isteyen gençlerin göndermelerini istiyoruz.

Projeye katılmak isteyen adayların, başvurularını Europass formatında İngilizce CV ve motivasyon mektubunu evs@gonulluhareketi.org adresine, konu satırına “Los Portales” yazarak, 21 Ekim 2019’a kadar göndermelerini bekliyoruz.

Başvuru belgelerinin düzenlenmesi ile ilgili bilgiyi internet sitemizden alabilirsiniz: www.avrupagonulluhizmeti.com 

Ev sahibi kuruluş hakkında tüm merak ettikleriniz için ilgili web sayfasını ziyaret edebilirsiniz: http://www.losportales.net/

Hosting Organization: Los Portales

City & Country: Sevilla, Tunisia

Number of Volunteers: 1 volunteer

Project Dates: 12 months starting from 20th November

What you’ll find:

  • Enjoy team work with warm and open people who live each experience as an opportunity for inner exploration.
  • Experience community life within a group with more than 30 years of existence as a community.
  • Cooperate in daily tasks mainly in the vegetable garden or in the house such as cooking, cleaning etc. The tasks are assigned every morning by the person responsible for each area; there is a weekly task board where we divide the main tasks. Depending on the season we follow different activity schedules.
  • Participate in some of the collective activities, volunteers’ dream groups, spontaneous workshops, meditations, our Saturday Dinners (special menu, non casual dress)…
  • You may participate in the workshops organized at Los Portales, with the same conditions (fees and inscriptions) as the other participants.
  • Around half of the members of our community are Spanish speaking and the rest speak French, so we use these languages in our daily life. Some members also speak English.
  • Accommodation in our own houses, mixed shared rooms.
  • Healthy, organic and mainly vegetarian food; the majority is grown in our vegetable garden; essentially cereals, pulses, sprouted seeds and vegetables (few fruits). We are not strict vegetarians; we eat fish, eggs and dairy products regularly and meat once in a while.
  • Satisfaction to be far, very far from city life, surrounded by a generous and beautiful nature. Our farm is quite far from the village (a 35’ trip by car mainly on unpaved road).
  • A big library in French, Spanish and English languages.

Volunteer Profile: The participants in this project do not need any previous experience for the planned activities described below. However, they are expected to show interest in the eco-village way of life, with all that this implies in terms of cooperation, sustainability, sensitivity to issues of social inclusion and equity, as well as environmental issues.