Finlandiya’da Engelliler ile Çalışacak Gönüllüler Aranıyor

Finlandiya’da Engelliler ile Çalışacak Gönüllüler Aranıyor

Finlandiya’daki ortağımız, Ocak 2020’de başlayacak engelliler ile ilgili 12 aylık iki proje için  gönüllü arıyor.

Her iki proje için de son başvuru tarihi 1 Aralık 2019. Aşağıda detaylarını bulacağınız projeler hakkında daha fazla bilgiye ve başvuru formuna şu adresten erişilebilir: https://maailmanvaihto.fi/en/volunteer-in-finland/esc-available-projects/

Başvurularınızı mutlaka kurumun web sitesindeki formu  doldurarak yapmalısınız.

1) Dagtek community /Life skills activities

City & Country:  Ekenäs, Finlandiya

Number of Volunteers: 1 volunteer

Project Dates: 28.1.2020–27.1.2021 (12 months)

Organisation : Dagtek serviceenhet (community) is a part of Kårkulla samkommun (federation of municipalities), which offers services for intellectually disabled persons with learning disabilities or autistic spectrum disorders. The activities Dagtek offers are divided into several sections that all focus on different areas. The participants in the LO (Livsorienterad verksamhet in Swedish) life skills activities need a lot of guidance and support in their daily activities. The LO activities take place in small groups consisting of 2–4 people and are always planned according to the condition, interests and needs of the participants. About 20 people take part in the LO activities daily, some of them participating also in the activities of the arts & crafts workshop Dagtek facilitates. Dagtek’s daily activities consist of, for example, music, arts and crafts, painting, different games and going outside for walks. The goal is to encourage every participant to be active, get involved, make their own decisions and affect the content of their daily lives, taking into consideration every participant’s individual starting points.

Location: Dagtek is located in Ekenäs (Tammisaari in Finnish). Ekenäs is a small town of about 15 000 inhabitants and it is situated by the sea in the Southern Finland. The majority language is Swedish (81%) and only about 17% of the population speak Finnish. Ekenäs is a part of the Raseborg commune (28 000 inhabitants). Dagtek is located in the centre of the town.

Volunteer’s role and tasks: Through ESC volunteer cooperation, Dagtek wishes to offer its community members a possibility to build networks and get a wider perspective on the world around us. At the same time, we hope to have one more person to be present for our clients and assist in the daily activities and in social and practical situations during the day. The volunteer’s role in the LO activities is to support and give guidance, but also help in the clients’ daily activities related to meal times, going to the toilet and walks outside, as well as walking the clients to and from their car transportation when they arrive and leave Dagtek. According to their skills and interests, the volunteer can also organize activities for small groups or individually. Dagtek values different creative activities such as music, arts and dancing. Dagtek’s clients also appreciate, for example, having a possibility to bake together with the volunteer every now and then. The volunteer can also contribute in the production of pedagogic and photographic materials and the documentation of Dagtek’s activities through photographing, for example.

Volunteer’s requirements: It is important that the volunteer is socially active, flexible and motivated to participate in the community life as being there for the participants, being social, talking with the people, and bringing up their ideas to the colleagues and mentors. Dagtek hopes that they can receive a volunteer interested in working with adults (18–60-year-olds) who have developmental disorders. Dagtek also wishes that the volunteer has good social skills and is open to meeting new people. The voluntary workplace appreciates flexibility and a positive outlook on life and other people. It is also important that the volunteer is able to tolerate fast-changing situations. Experiences or skills in alternative communication methods are an advantage, but not a requirement. If you feel like you have the ability to motivate and encourage people and awaken their interest in participating and being active, you are a good match for Dagtek’s team! The working language of Dagtek is Swedish, so it is important that the volunteer is motivated to learn Swedish.

Accessibility: The workplace unfortunately does not have resources to offer support for volunteers with physical, sensory or other disabilities. If you feel you would be able to carry out the volunteering tasks rather independently but are unsure if the position would be suitable for you, please contact us for consultation before sending the application.

Accommodation and practical arrangements: The volunteer is accommodated in a host family. Lunch will be provided at Dagtek together with their participants and the team. Other meals are provided by the host family.

Website of the organisation: www.karkulla.fi/enheter/vastra-nyland

Deadline for applying: The 1st of December 2019

2) Lyhty B Housing Unit

City & Country:  Helsinki, Finlandiya

Number of Volunteers: 1 volunteer

Project Dates: 28.1.2020–27.1.2021 (12 months)

Organisation: Lyhty B housing unit is a part of a non-profit non-governmental association called “Lyhty ry”, which provides housing, education, and work activity services for adults with learning disabilities. Lyhty B is a home for 8 adults with learning disabilities.

Location: Lyhty B is situated in Helsinki in an area called Konala.

Volunteer’s role and tasks: The volunteer’s tasks include assisting the residents in free-time activities such as going outdoors, assisting them at the supermarket or pharmacy, going to movies, concerts, library etc. And also providing a clean and esthetic home for them: doing laundry, cleaning rooms and kitchen. Volunteers help all so preparing meals for residents. Participating in the community and activating people in it as well as other daily activities. Work includes morning and evening shifts, as well as weekend work shifts (five work days a week).

Volunteer’s requirements: Good social skills and motivation to work with people with special needs are important. The work can be dynamic at times and requires such mentality.

Accessibility: Unfortunately, the voluntary workplace cannot host a volunteer with physical, sensory or other disabilities.

Accommodation: Depending on the availability of host families, the volunteer stays either in a host family in the capital area or at one of the housing units of Lyhty. Flexibility and motivation to share the everyday life with host family and adapt to the family life are important. Lunch is provided by Lyhty and other meals by the host family. In case the volunteers lives in a housing unit of Lyhty, they get a food allowance for other meals than lunch.

Website of the organisation: www.lyhty.fi

Deadline for applying:  01 December 2019